• We believe that true freedom is found only in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • We believe that freedom is released and exercised in passionate praise and worship. Our worship is contemporary in nature and relevant to today's society. We are dedicated to extreme high quality and high intensity in our worship experience, leading people into the presence and power of God.

  • We believe in allowing the Holy Spirit the freedom to move and in the releasing of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our services. We allow the Holy Spirit to lead at all times. We will always keep our services in Biblical order as established in 1 Corinthians chapter 14.

  • We believe The Word of God is the guide book for a life of freedom. It is our source for instruction, inspiration, and correction in every area of our lives.

  • We believe an essential element to freedom is the preaching and teaching of The Word of God in a practical way, utilizing life application messages to aid in the growth and development of Christians towards maturity.

  • We believe people should be given the freedom to respond to the preached Word of God and the drawing power of the Holy Spirit in every service.

  • We believe that interpersonal relationships are vital to the personal growth of believers and to the overall health of the church and we are committed to the development of those relationships.

  • We believe that freedom is released through stewardship and that stewardship should be evident in every area of our lives. (our time, our talent, our treasure)

  • We believe our services should reflect the society and our target audience. We choose to dress casual and not emphasize formal dress. We encourage modesty at all times. We believe church should be enjoyable, never boring. We believe church should be the best two hours of our week!

  • We are thankful for tradition, but will not be limited by it. We are committed to observing the Lord's Supper on a regular basis and to the celebrating of water baptism with new believers as soon as possible after conversion.

  • We believe the same freedoms benefited to us should be available to our children and youth. Children's and youth ministry will be of the highest prority at freedomchurch.

  • We believe we are called to impact our community and reachout to them to help them find the same freedoms in Jesus Christ that we have received.

We are committed that freedomchurch will not become a place of busy work and burnout. For this reason we commit to concentrating our efforts on four areas and only four areas, striving to do them as well as possible. These areas are....

  1. A high quality celebration service

  2. Transforming new believers into desciples utilizing our new member class and discipleship class.

  3. Leadership training - training small group leaders to lead Connect Groups.

  4. Connect groups - small outreach groups that impact the community and minister to the church.

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